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1910: Ten mile per hour Cuckfield speed limit proposed

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Brighton Gazette - Wednesday 04 May 1910


A proposal to apply a ten-mile speed limit to Cuckfield was the subject of a Local Government. Board Inquiry at that village last week.

It was announced that the County Council and the motorcar organisations had come to an arrangement to make a joint application for a ten-mile limit in respect to the following portion of the road forming the subject of the application:—

London Lane (colourised) circa 1910

So much of the road from Redhill to Burgess Hill (including High-street) as extends from a point situated 50 yards to the north of Queen's Hall to the northern end of Chain-walk; the road extending from its junction with High Street at the Town Clock to a point in the road 10 yards to the east of Mytten Lodge drive: also the portion of road at London-Lane Corner bounded in London-lane, Broad-street and on the road to Haywards Heath station by the motor warning signals.

It was afterwards decided that the small portion of London-lane, from the motor sign-posts to the house called Lauriston, should be included.



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