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1910: Underpaid 17 year old drowns

A postcard of Cuckfield High Street c1910 (colourised)

On Saturday an inquest was held at Cuckfield, Sussex, on Helen Holmes, aged seventeen, who was found drowned in CuckfieldPark by an angler.

Deceased was employed as cashier at the local branch of the International Stores, and it was stated that she was suspended for alleged falsification of acoounts. In her handwriting was found a pencilled a note stating : “I hope everyone will forgive me. I am broken-hearted. International people will explain. I cannot face the world with this on my account of all stop goodbye everyone. I cannot help it.”

‘Suicide while temporarily insane', was the jury’s verdict, and they gave it as their opinion that deceased was too young for the position of cashier, and that the company should pay those who looked after the books a better wage.

Deceased received eight shillings a week.

Tenbury Wells Advertiser 23 August 1910

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.



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