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1923: Bags I play on ... Council fight

Recreation Ground c1960

To the Editor of The Mid Sussex Times

I read with great interest the letter of 'A Native of Cuckfield' and also the reply of Mr Denman. I should like to add a for words of mine in reply to "A Native of Cuckfield.” Tennis courts, a bowling green, swings and sand dump have all been under discussion several times at meetings of the Urban Council. I think the reason why nothing further was done in the matter was the question of how to ado it, and who was going to pay for it? That is how it was left. I quite agree with Mr Denman that the children should have the first consideration.

I suggested swings but that was ruled out, then a sand dump - there is one provided in most public parks and recreation grounds and it gives very great pleasure to the kiddies. The Council passed a resolution to provide a sand dump several months ago, but it has not appeared yet. The summer will soon be over. so it will do for next year. “Native of Cuckfield"

must remember that reforms come very slowly . I should be only too pleased to bring the matter up again for discussion, as we want the Recreation Ground to be of some use in Cuckfield and not a 'white elephant'. I may add that I too, am a native of Cuckfield.

Yours truly

Bert J Burtenshaw

Mid Sussex Times 4 September 1923

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

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