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1923: What do we do with our new Recreation Ground?

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 21 August 1923


To the Editor of Tim Mid-Sussex Times.

Dear Sir,—-One result of the recent fete and carnival held on the Recreation Ground was the discovery by many local residents, including members of the Urban Council, of the possibilities offered by this splendid addition to the town’s institutions for the very purpose its name implies, i.e., recreation.

The Urban Council are the trustees of the ground for the inhabitants, and it is to be hoped they will not think they have “done their bit” by laying down a costly road, erecting entrance gates and placing a few seats the ground.

It is generally admitted that the south-east comer of the ground would be an ideal spot for a bowling green. At present Cuckfield has no green for the number of keen players in the town, who therefore have to go to Haywards Heath, where, by the way, a Cuckfieldian is captain of the club.

Then again, the north side of the ground could be admirably adapted for the laying-out of tennis courts. Cuckfield is one of the few places in Mid-Sussex which does not make reasonable provision for lovers of this popular game. The present Cuckfield Club, with its subscription of 30s. and entrance fee of 10s. 6d. for new members’ is beyond the reach of the ordinary individual. Public tennis courts on the Recreation Ground could be made a profitable undertaking let by the hour, or if the Council did not desire to go to this trouble they could be let to the local club at a yearly rental. Rut this would be a matter of detail. At present the ground may be likened to an empty house with a well-kept entrance, and it will remain so unless the Urban Council take the initiative to provide residents with the means to occupy it.

17th August 1923.

Yours faithfully,


Cuckfield Recreation Ground circa 1950 colourised

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 28 August 1923


To the Editor of The Mid-Sussex Times

Dear Sir, - Replying to "A Native of Cuckfield,” who mentioned that the recent fete and carnival held in the Cuckfield Recreation Ground was the means of the local residents discovering such a ground existed, I am to a certain extent in agreement, but repudiate the suggestion that members of the Urban Council have only just realised same.

That the Recreation Ground was used for the first big event since it was presented to the town is only natural, and, no doubt, all other such events on the same scale will be held there, but having used the Ground for the occasion, it does not follow that the Council should add to the rates by laying out the Ground for any one section of the community, for this would add to the cost of upkeep. The ground is for the use of all Cuckfield. and I've no doubt any reasonable suggestion " A Native” might put to the Council would be considered.

I can assure him, however, they won't go into competition with other local clubs, such as the Tennis Club mentioned. The Council have to consider the best all round use the ground can be put for the inhabitants of Cuckfield and there are very few who play tennis and bowls against the large number of girls and hoys who find a great pleasure in the Recreation Ground. I also think “A Native” must be a "Newcomer,” or his remarks as to the road, entrance, seats, etc., would have been omitted having regard to the donor of same. As Chairman of the Recreation Ground Committee I shall be glad to discuss the matter with “A Native”. I'm hardly one myself. having been in Cuckfield only 40 years, but during 20 of them I have done my best to get a playground for the youngsters, who, as mentioned. are thoroughly enjoying the present one.

Yours truly,

J. DENMAN 25th August, 1923

Broad Street Cuckfield. .

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 04 September 1923


To the Editor of The Mid Sussex Times.

Dear Sir, I read with great interest the letter of ‘A Native of Cuckfield’ and also the reply of Mr. Denman. I should like to add a few words of mine in reply to “A Native of Cuckfield.” Tennis courts, a bowling green, swings and sand dump have all been under discussion several times at meetings of the Urban Council. I think the reason why nothing further was done in the matter was the question of how to do it, and who was going to pay for it? That is how it was left. I quite agree with Mr. Denman that the children should have the first consideration.

I suggested swings, but that was ruled out; then a sand dump - there is one provided in most public parks and recreation grounds and it gives very great pleasure to the kiddies. The Council passed a resolution to provide a sand dump several months ago, but it has not appeared yet. The summer will soon be over, so it will do for next year. “A Native of Cuckfield” must remember that reforms come very slowly. I should only too pleased to bring the matter again for discussion, as we want the Recreation Ground to be of some use in Cuckfield and not a “white elephant.” I may add that I, too, am a native of Cuckfield.

Yours truly,


3rd September. 1923.



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