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1927: They said we wouldn't believe it - but we do

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Cuckfield to Haywards Heath Road, heading West at Bedlam Pond

Dear Sirs,

Upwards of two years ago the Cuckfield Urban Council proposed a scheme for the reconstruction and widening of the main road which connects Cuckfield and Haywards Heath, and as long ago as February, 1920, it was stated at a meeting of the Council that if they, waited much longer the road would be I impassable. Yet, today, nearly two years after that statement was made, nothing, so far as the naked eye can see, has been done to the road with a view to putting it in thorough repair.

In April of last year the Chairman (Mr. R. Winder, J.P.), in reply to a question, said the scheme was 'in a state of suspended animation', and despite sundry resolutions, this appears to be the position at present. But if it is true that the Council arc not keen on having the road widened, and I understand that the County Council will not sanction a reconstruction scheme unless this is done, why do not the Urban Council say so and not mislead the public into believing that a great improvement is to be effected.

It is painful to see cyclists clinging to a safe portion on either side of the road, while motorists have to use all their skill to dodge the bumps and holes in the middle. This state of affairs has been going on for upwards of two years, while the County Council and the Urban Council have contented themselves with writing to each other on the subject.

I do hope, Sir, that this voluminous correspondence will be preserved, as it will provide a complete history of any new road that may be constructed, and would be prized by the Sussex Archaeological Society several hundred years hence. One can imagine a lecture to an unborn generation of Cuckfieldians, who would no doubt marvel at the speed at which their local authority moved in the early part of the twentieth century.

Yours faithfully,


Mid Sussex Times 20 November 1927

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

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