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1929: Giant Elm trees crash in Cuckfield

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

The Mid Sussex Times, December 10 1929

Elm trees crash at Cuckfield

Two large Elm trees which had grown up side by side for many years on the Waller-Bridge estate just below the Rose and Crown in Cuckfield crashed across the main road on Sunday evening within an hour of each other.

Lieutenant Colonel E. S. Wallinger noticed cracks round the roots of one of the trees on Saturday morning and warned the council authorities. A traction engine was placed in the field with a stout chain attached to the tree, but at 6:00 o'clock on Sunday evening the giant snapped the chain in two places and fell across the road, breaking about 30 telephone wires.

Trees crashes onto a busy road in Egham in 2019

The top portion fell into the front garden of Hill Cottage, the residence of Mr Rutherford Clark. The front of the house was grazed and one window broken.

Before 7:00 o'clock the second tree fell, also across the road, which was not opened to traffic until 4:00 o'clock yesterday, Monday afternoon. A great number of cars passed through the town during this time, they were diverted via London Lane by P. S. Short who was stationed near the Rose and Crown and by PC Bridgman, stationed near the town clock.

Messrs Box and Turner of Ardingly removed the trees yesterday and the reverend HF Waller-Bridge of Worth was communicated with for permission to remove the third Elm tree which was considered to be in danger of falling



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