1929: Much ado about nothing as cyclists square up to each other in Copyhold Lane

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 19 March 1929



Dorothy Mabel Bundy, Rivers Farm Cottage, Cuckfield, was summoned by Ethel Upton. Fountain Cottage, Ardingly, for assault. There was a cross-summons for assault.

—Ethel Upton stated that she and her sister went out for a “spin” on their bicycles on March 13. Mrs. Bundy, who was also riding a cycle, overtook them in Copyhold Lane.

Witness had been ringing her new bell for amusement, and Mrs. Bundy after alighting from her machine, asked witness why she was insulting her by ringing the bell.

1929 woman cyclist

When witness asked her what she meant Mrs. Bundy said “Wait until I get to you.” Mrs. Bundy came up to her, and pushed her down, her cycle going on top of her. When she got up, Mrs. Bundy struck her in the face. She tried to get on her cycle again, but Mrs Bundy would not let her, and shook her. She started crying, and afterwards got on her machine and rode away. She did not know Mrs. Bundy,

Questioned by Mrs Bundy, witness denied insulting her or saying that her (witness’s) aunt had called her “a wicked, woman.”

—Daisy Upton, the other witness’s sister, gave corroborative evidence.

—Mrs. Bundy said that as she stopped to talk to her father-in-law, who was in a garden, Ethel Upton passed her and used a nasty word. Witness asked her who she was talking to, and she replied ”I know enough about you,” adding some remarks her (Upton’s) aunt was alleged to have used.

Miss Upton got off her cycle, and staggered, and she fell down under the weight of the machine. Witness did not strike Miss Upton, but only caught her by the shoulder in self-defence when threatened by the other with a cycle pump.

—William Charles Bundy, Mrs. Bundy's father-in-law, said the' words used by Ethel Upton were disgusting. Miss Upton threatened to strike his daughter-in-law with a pump, and the latter defended herself.

—Both parties were bound over keep the peace for months, and the Chairman advised them to avoid each other and keep their tongues quiet.