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1931: High Street Christmas Display is best yet!

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 22 December 1931


Christmas Times.-

Our butchers have made a better display this Christmas than we ever witnessed here before.

Mr T. Jenner's shop was splendidly furnished, and although he had killed no prize beef he had several capital ones, not quite so fat, perhaps, but more useful beef, especially a prime Sussex ox, fatted by Mr Botting, of Westmeston, between 130 and 140 stones; also three capital beasts from Ellis of Street Place, and some famous beef from Hailsham.

Butchers in Cuckfield High Street c1900 (suggestions for exact location?)

Mutton was of first-rate quality, particularly some wethers (1) from Mr Stapley, of Albourne. Mr Callow, late Jenner, had also a famous show, killing the prize short horn heifer from the Horsham show, 2 years and months old, that took Mr Fitzgerald's gift, bred by the Earl of Darnley, and fatted by Mr Alfred Agate. She was a splendid beast, and full of fat.

He also had some other beef of prime quality, and his mutton was very superior, killing two prize sheep, under 20 months, bred by the Duke of Richmond, and fatted by Mr A. Agate, that took a prize at Steyning. They were rather too much overloaded with fat, but in other respects excellent, weighing about 12 stones each, and his other mutton was very good.

We have omitted to mention a Sussex ox he had from Mr Bannister, of Enwoods, a very prime bullock. Bunting, confectioner, who has lately enlarged and newly fronted his shop, has set it off very tastefully, and furnished it with delicacies for Christmas in a style that would not have disgraced a similar establishment in a leading town, his cakes, bon-bons, ices, and sweets setting many a juvenile's mouth watering for a taste. And Dumsday's, late Reynold's, fancy repository is quite a picture. The grocers', drapers', and other shops, have also put on their Christmas garb, and the town looks quite gay.

(1) castrated ram

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