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1932: how should we deal with litter in Cuckfield?

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 15 March 1932


To the Editor of The Mid-Sussex Times.

Dear Sir,—l have been interested in reading the letters published in your paper regarding the socks of some poor wayfarer deposited on the hedge outside the residence of your correspondent, Mary McLeod, and am pleased to know that with the aid of pair of a pair of tongs she has been able to remove them. I agree that such articles of clothing do not improve the amenities of our charming district, but it never occurred to me, before your correspondent mentioned it, that there was any connection between these socks, the Far East crisis and the league of Nations.

litter by the road c2021

If the waste-paper baskets which the Urban Council propose to provide for the purpose of discarded socks and other litter not prove efficacious, I suggest that your correspondent should bring the subject to the notice of the League, who might be persuaded to appoint a Commission to inquire into the matter. As the league has prevented a number of wars between nations, the stopping tramps placing their surplus socks on your correspondent’s hedge should be child’s play.

Yours faithfully,




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