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1934: Drivers of 'noisy' cars and motor cycles take warning!

Whitehall 1938

The danger in the streets caused by the congestion of increased motor traffic and a complaint regarding the excessive noise made by some cars and motor cycles were among the questions dealt with at a meeting of the Cuckfield Urban District Council (incorporating the Wards of Cuckfield, Haywards Heath, Lindfield and Wivelsfield) at Oaklands, Haywards Heath, on Thursday evening.

Mid Sussex Times, 23 October 1934.

Photo: This is December 1938 and a no doubt freezing Cannon Row Police Constable directs traffic at 59 traffic point at the junction of Whitehall and Horse Guards Avenue. On the east footway is a Belisha Beacon, introduced in 1934 to mark a pedestrian crossing which up to 1949 was indicated by metal studs in the road surface. After 1949 a pedestrian crossing was indicated by blue and yellow stripes, later by black and white stripes and became known as a Zebra crossing.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

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