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1936: Cuckfield Road name objection

The Clerk reported that he had received notice of appeals to the Justices against the proposal to assign the name Cuckfield Road to the portion of the road between the Sergison Arms Public-house, Haywards Heath, and Hatchgate Lane, Cucktield and that the Council would thus not be able to make the proposed Orders assigning these names until the appeals had been heard.

The Committee gave the matter very careful consideration, and recommended that the Clerk be instructed to write to all residents and property owners residing or owning property in the Cuckfield-Haywards Heath road between the Clock at Cucktield and he Sergison Arms Public House, Haywards Heath, requesting them to express their views with respect to a proposal to assign the following names to the road in question: Butler's Green Road to that portion lying between the Sergison Arms Public-house and the western boundary of Butler's Green House; Tylers Green to that portion lying between the western boundary of Butlers Green House of Riseholme and the western boundary of Riseholme and the Clock at Cuckfield.

Mid Sussex Times, 4 August 1936

Photograph: Bedlam Pond, heading for Cuckfield from Haywards Heath c1900 (Hand coloured Postcard)

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.



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