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1938: As long as it's green

What Cuckfield High Street's phone box might have looked like.

We all know how untangling departmental red tape can be and we all know that scarlet is the time-honoured colour for the Post Office. It's pillar boxes would probably give us a shock if they were adorned with any other shade; while the mail bags have long distinguished themselves by their blushing hue.

But the Post Office is not going to have it all its own way in the matter of outdoor decorations if Cuckfield, that sleepy, charming little town in Mid Sussex, knows anything about it. The Post Office wants Cuckfield to have a telephone kiosk.

See story left about this Peak District phone box

The inhabitants are willing to have it provided it is painted green. There are already green kiosks in the Lake District, and one cannot help agreeing that the verdant exterior is more in keeping with rural surroundings. So the Post Office are going to think about it.

Belfast Telegraph, 2 May 1938.

Inset picture: The unusual colour was by special agreement with the local landowner.

Fred Jackson was responsible for this green phone box. He worked at the then Telephone Manager's Office in Middlesbrough as a sales executive and was responsible for most of the selling of phones to the Dales farmers of the area during the late 1940's and early 50's. He hated the thought of a red kiosk in such a stunning area and worked very hard with the local landowner, to achieve the green box.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

Visit Cuckfield Museum, follow the link for details



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