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1945: Brook Street 'famous' say the wardens

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Warden’s party at Cuckfield

Cheerful hosts to 120 guests

The little hamlet of Brook Street, Cuckfield, was en fete on Saturday, June 2. Yes! the wardens,

guardians on several memorable occasions, as a fitting end to hostilities acted as hosts to about 120 guests, residents of Brook Street.

Mr HL Stuart, the Senior Warden, opened the proceedings with an appropriate speech, recalling that Brook Street had become famous during the war owing to several bombing incidents. Mr and Mrs Kingsley had devoted their holiday to making a complete transformation in the old club room.

The paint shone, the floor. thanks to Mr. Carr Pacquey, was resplendent, the blackout was gone, and the sun streamed through the windows on the wonderful spread, on the flowers, the flags and decorations, all arranged by Mrs Smith, Mrs Selby, Mrs Hillman, Mrs Kingsley and Mrs Gray.

In the middle of the road in Brook Street a bomb exploded on 6 December 1940

Mr Heyman was the ideal Master of Ceremonies, and kept the show going with a swing. The high

spot of the evening was a quiz, arranged by Mr and Mrs Heyman. Teasing questions on Sussex names, etc, were speedily answered by the members of two teams Oxford and Cambridge.

Gaiety was the keynote of the evening, and hosts and guests were like the members of a happy family, all joining in the amusements with zest and in the singing of community songs.

Mr Norris, of Halleighs, was indefatigable with his accordion, assisted by Mr Danes and Mr Hillman with drums and cymbals.

The children also were lucky, for while their parents danced on the green in true old. English style, they, under the kindly care of Mrs Smith, played games and musical chairs to their hearts' content.

So the evening drew to a close, and after singing community songs, ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and ‘God Save the King,’ the party broke up at 11.30pm.

The guests and hosts had been delighted that both the Vicar. the Rev. HFC Kempe, MC, and the Curate, the Rev. EL Richardson, MA, had joined the happy family for part of the evening.

Mid Sussex Times, 13 June 1945

See also the Brook Street Incident of 6 December 1940: Cuckfield Urban Bombing but no fatalities

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

Visit Cuckfield Museum, follow the link for details



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