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1984: Charlie's bike is stolen again!

Mid Sussex Times September 6th 1984


The oldest paper ‘boy’ in Mid Sussex, Charlie Hawks, 78 has had his bicycle stolen.

At 2:30 pm last Thursday he was doing the paper round he took over from his father in 1935, when a thief made off with his bike. It was taken as he delivered the paper to a house near the Wheatsheaf pub in Cuckfield.

Local people are upset about the loss of the bike. Charlie is one of the best known and loved sights around Cuckfield.

Pictured above: Local artist Christopher Johnson captured Charlie on canvas, delivering newspapers in Cuckfield. The picture delighted villages, particularly as it was done without a sitting, and went on show at their British Legion Spring sale

A favourite with village children and dogs because of the biscuits he carries with him, Charlie also has many grown-up admirers. One of them, Mr Ron Knight, described Charlie as a wonderful character of the most kindhearted of men.

He said no one who knew Charlie could possibly have stolen his bike.

Mr Knight is appealing to Middy readers who may have a delivery bike they no longer need. He said "Charlie is looking for an old trade bike. The modern ones without the front carrier are no good for delivery papers."

At present Charlie is soldiering on with a rickety old bike that is not really that safe. Despite his fantastic record of paper delivery he has a few years to go to beat his father who was still doing the round at the age of 81. But if you can find a good placement machine Charlie needs to have a go at that record.

NOTE: This was the second occasion Charlie had his bike stolen it also happened in March 1983 see our item on this:


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