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1836: Partridges saved by misfire

King's Head, Cuckfield 18 October 1836

Rather a curious incident occurred this morning. As James Lintott was standing at Thomas Jenner’s slaughterhouse waiting to shoot ball with his double-barrelled gun – one barrel loaded with shot and the other with ball. Five partridges settled in the road opposite Mrs Last’s and ran round the corner. He pursued, got near enough to them at the Kings Head stables for a shot, waited for them to get together, walked after them as far as opposite Mrs Fuller’s and when three were near enough together to kill them all – “unfortunately his gun misfired!”

John Mitchell's Diaries, Cuckfield, 1836-1837

Notes: A church record shows that a James Lintott was the illegitimate son born in 1811 to Elizabeth Lintott who was probably daughter of James Lintott, the former King's Head landlord and, despite surname given in the records, wife of Charles Jenner.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.


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