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1875: A snapshot of Cuckfield longevity

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Hampshire Telegraph - Saturday 01 May 1875

CUCKFIELD. Longevity at Cuckfield.

—Up to the beginning of the present month there were residing within a mile the centre of the town of Cuckfield, containing less than 1000 inhabitants, and excluding the inmates of the union-house, 33 persons whose united ages amount to 2585 years, averaging 78 1/2. Fourteen of these are women, two widows having attained the age of 90, one 89, two 84, one 78, on 75, three 74 and one 73. Two married women are aged 75 and 73, and one single woman is of the latter age making an average of 1106 years.

The 19 men consist of four widowers who are aged respectively 86, 85, 84, and 81; two are 79, three 7S, one 76, and one 75. Seven married men are aged respectively 78, 77, 75 (three), 73, and 72, and one old bachelor 75, the aggregate amounting to 1479 years.

The women rather overrun the average of the men, theirs being exactly 79 years, while that of the does not quite reach 78; but since the 1st of April two widows aged 84 have both died. The wives of five of the married men have not reached 72, the lowest age taken in the list, but there are several both sexes who have passed, or are hovering on, their 70th year. Thirty-two of the people whose ages have been taken reside in the town or at Whiteman's Green, within a mile of each other, and one at Anstey, a mile south of the centre of the town.—Sussex Daily News.

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