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1881: Obstacles for a proposed Cuckfield Dramatic Society....

Mid Sussex Times Wednesday March 16th 1881

Proposed dramatic society for Cuckfield. 

To the editor of the Mid Sussex Times. 

Sir, I beg to thank your correspondent, "Amateur", for the suggestion he made in your last weeks issue respecting a dramatic society for Cuckfield. Entertainments of such a character are sorely needed here in the winter time; but in thinking the matter over, two obstacles in the way of success appear to me.

First, the idea comes at rather an unseasonable time of the year; and secondly, can enough members be found in this neighbourhood, sufficiently versed in the art of elocution, to be able to give a dramatic performance to the satisfaction of the Cuckfield people? 

The Queen's Hall is the venue for productions of a thriving Cuckfield Dramatic Society (image c 2020)

"Amateur" must bear in mind we have some very severe, and I may add uncharitable, critics in this little town, and unless the performances were given in a highly polished and finished style, I fear they would be treated in such a manner that the principal inhabitants would hesitate to support them, and thus the exertions and expenses of the performers be given in vain. 

Another thing I wish to impress upon "Amateur", Horsham is an increasing and flourishing town, well Cuckfield, alas! Its glory has departed, 

yours truly


March 11, 1881



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