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1893: How about a public recreation ground for Cuckfield?


To the Editor of the Mid Sussex Times

Dear Sir,

Kindly allow me space in your columns to ventilate the following, viz, : A Public Recreation Ground for Cuckfield. This was one of the things proposed by which to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee, but unfortunately the scheme fell through. This - the time when memorials are being proposed to celebrate the marriage of the Duke of York - seems to me to be a fitting season to bring the matter again before the public.

Cuckfield Public Recreation Ground was finally created in 1923

We must remember that Haywards Heath is already in advance of Cuckfield in this respect, but I think when people consider this question, and the benefits that would naturally arise from a public recreation ground, some steps will be taken to further this scheme. I myself, as a resident of Cuckfield, am willing to subscribe if the matter is taken up. Hoping that the residents of Cuckfield will take some steps to help on this proposal,

Believe me to remain, yours etc,

June 3rd, 1893 AN INTERESTED ONE 



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