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1910: Lecture on Preparing for War

Southern Weekly News - Saturday 26 February 1910



—Before a large audience at the Queen’s Hall on Monday evening, Major Murray Smith, who is touring the country, gave his lecture on ‘‘Home defence and what war would mean to a civil population,” his remarks being illustrated by lantern views. 

The lecture was in connection with the National Service League, and Major Murray Smith asked whether it would not stop the shipbuilding competition going on if Germany knew that behind our fleet was a nation in arms.

The Queen's Hall c2020

—Mr. R A. Bevan, J.P. who presided, uttered words of warning against a sudden invasion of our shores, pointed to Lord Roberts’ statement that volunteers were of no use to face organised, trained, and disciplined troops, and said it was believed that there was plenty of courage and patriotism in the country that only wanted the opportunity of making itself thoroughly efficient. 

—A musical programme was supported by Mr. T. E. P. Attewell and Mr Gregory, Miss Attewell being the accompanist. 



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