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1913: Cuckfield fishermen punished for poaching

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

West Sussex Gazette - Thursday 10 July 1913


Two Youths, J. A. Bourne, and F. W. Leney, of Cuckfield, pleaded guilty at Haywards Heath Petty Sessions on Monday to illegal fishing at Cuckfield, on June 29. Mr. C. H. Waugh said he appeared for Mr. Drake, the owner of Copyhold, and the private water in question was a stream which ran through his land for about half a mile, and was stocked with trout.

Haywards Heath Police Station and Courthouse c1970

Unfortunately, Copyhold seemed to be, on Sunday mornings, the happy hunting ground for poaching, both shooting and fishing. On the present occasion Mr. Drake was aroused by shooting at 3:30 in the morning. He got up and went out, expecting to find poachers, and he saw the grass towards the stream was trodden down, and that defendants were fishing. This kind of thing had become an intolerable nuisance. Mr. Drake did not wish to press the case unduly, but it was necessary to take these proceedings as a warning to defendants and others.

Defendants told the Bench that it the first time they were there, and, as there were no notice board, up, they did not know they had no right there. Each was fined 5s including costs.



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