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1936: Was bracelet stolen from Cuckfield owner worn by Cleopatra?

Daily News (London) - Saturday 24 October 1936

Stolen from car


From Our Special Correspondent 

CUCKFIELD (Sussex), Friday. 

A BRACELET said to have been worn by Cleopatra, last independent Queen of Egypt, who died 2,000 years ago, and other jewellery has been stolen from a case in a motor-car left in Harriet Street, Lowndes Square, S.W. 

Its owner, Miss Gertrude Pickering, a member of a well-known Sussex family, lives at Court House Farm, an ancient residence near Cuckfield Church. 

Tonight Miss Pickering told me that the bracelet was discovered some years ago by her fiancé, Count Byron de Prorok, when he led the Franco-American archaeological expedition to North Africa. 

Count Byron de Prorock

"He gave it to me four months ago, but retained the companion necklace and earrings which he found at the same time. 

"An ordinary person looking at the bracelet would attach little value to it. It consists of onyx, emeralds and pearls. The stones are uncut and unpolished—in the raw state in which they were discovered. 

They are all threaded together on a gold wire. 


"I can put no value on the bracelet—which is a museum piece and priceless. The thief will find it a little embarrassing to sell. "All my personal jewellery - rings, watches, cigarette cases and ornaments were in the dressing case which the thief took after smashing a lock on the car door. 

Miss Pickering and Count de Prorok, who recently returned from an expedition to Abyssinia. plan to be married in France at an early date.



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